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This online Tractor Pulling Game is a game in progress. Tractor Pulling is a Sport in which the Driver of the Tractor Drives the Tractor as far as possible.

The Sled tries to Slow the Tractor Down. The Tractor That Goes The farthest is the winner. In this game see how far you can go before the sled stops

A Full Pull in this game is 300 Ft. But we do run a floating finish line so see how far past the 300 ft Mark you can get your Tractor.

This Game is a newer version of an older Game that was created. This game has a bit better Graphics but it is still very crude. New in this 

Game you are able to change the Tire Pressure of the Tractor and also change to add a majority of the weight to the Front Middle or Rear

One thing that was in the Old game that is not in the new game is tractor Color. The Color of the Tractor Can not be changed Sorry That adds a lot of programming

Keep Checking Back in the future to see the new additions in the future the game should have different styles of tractors & trucks, also more extensive Weight Adjustment. 
It should also have upgrades available and more things but until then I hope you enjoy this game.

Thanks for your support in www.mullermotorsports.com



Click here to go to old version of the Game Version 1.2